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If you are looking for footage of women caught masturbating on video then you've come to the right place! I have a stack of hidden camera videos of horny women caught masturbating when they think nobody is watching. It's all genuine video footage of unsuspecting women caught in the act and I will be posting it all here so you can enjoy it too. So don't forget to bookmark and come back soon for more caught masturbating videos!

Masturbating Woman Caught On Spy Camera

This video of a masturbating woman caught on spy camera is about the hottest I've ever posted here. In fact it's possibly the hottest video of a woman caught masturbating I've ever seen. This young blonde woman is truly stunning. I'm surprised she ever masturbates because there must be men queuing up to fuck her. But she obviously prefers her own company and she certainly knows how to please herself. Those fingers are well practiced at finding all her most intimate places and it doesn't take her long before she is writhing around on that bed having the most intense orgasm's I've ever witnessed. You have really got to see this video. Check it out now on the link below...

Masturbating Woman

Stunner Caught Masturbating - Watch Here

Genuine hidden camera videos of women caught masturbating used to be very rare but since the advent of modern spy cameras they have become more common. You can quite quickly build up a good collection of hidden cam masturbation videos if you know where to look. I'd recommend you start with Spy Porn Network. They have some of the best original videos of this type. You can check them out on this link...

Hidden Cam Masturbation Videos

Hidden Video - Woman Caught Masturbating In Bathroom

This hidden video of a young woman caught masturbating in the bathroom was taken with a tiny spy cam. The cam was installed in this bathroom on a college campus. I guess the young ladies on campus don't get a lot of privacy so using the bathroom for a bit of private pussy pampering must seem like an attractive proposition. But this woman didn't count on the tiny spy cam that was installed by the college janitor! You can watch the video now on the link below...

Hidden Video - Woman Caught Masturbating

Young Woman Masturbating - Watch Here

Hidden videos of women caught masturbating in bathrooms seem to be popular recently. I've seen several from college campuses and dorms in recent weeks. A lot of guys are catching on to the fact that women use these facilities for more than just washing and taking a pee. If you want to start building up your own collection of college bathroom cam videos then the link below is about the best place to start...

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Woman Caught Masturbating On Hidden Spy Cam

Check out this awesome video of a woman caught masturbating on hidden spy cam. This stunning hidden cam video was taken in a hotel room in ******** (censored). The woman was relaxing on her hotel bed and reading magazines when her hand began to move towards her panties. You can see her fingers sliding under the edge of the silky material. At first it looks as if she's just adjusting for comfort but after a while it is obvious she is pleasuring herself with her fingers. You can watch the video on the link below...

Woman Caught Masturbating

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This footage of a woman caught masturbating on hidden spy cam shows just how good today's modern spy cams have become. This camera was no bigger than a cigarette lighter but the video quality is awesome. If you enjoyed watching this video then you should check out the other hot videos made by the same guys. You can watch them now on this link...

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Women Masturbating Caught On Video

I know you guys love to watch women masturbating caught on video. So I've got this awesome hidden camera video for you to watch. It shows a woman caught masturbating in a shop dressing room. She goes in to try some clothes but once she has undressed she can't resist touching herself as she looks at her body in the mirror. After about a minute of fingering herself she reaches into her bag and pulls out a vibrator. She uses the vibrator to fuck herself to orgasm, biting her lips as she reaches her climax...

Women Masturbating Caught On Video

Watch Dressing Room Video - Click Here

Shop dressing rooms are a magnet for sneaky voyeurs and putting a hidden camera in a shop dressing room is a great way to spy on women changing. But when you get a video like this where the woman in actually masturbating in the dressing room is an added bonus! If you are looking for more videos of women caught masturbating in dressing rooms then the best place to start would be here...

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Women Caught Masturbating In The Office

Today's download is a collection of videos of women caught masturbating in the office. These videos used to be rare but, with today's spy cam technology, setting up hidden cameras in offices and other workplaces is child's play. So we now have an abundance of hot videos of horny women caught masturbating in their offices. Here's just one example of the videos in this collection...

Women Caught Masturbating

Hot Office Masturbation - Watch Here

This video of a hot young executive playing with her pussy was taken in an office in Europe. The woman was caught masturbating late one night after a spy cam was installed by a co-worker. The guy who installed it could not have wished for a better result. The footage shows the woman fucking herself with her fingers before taking a vibrator from her handbag and finishing off the job. You can watch the full video on the link above or go to the link below and download this entire video collection...

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Peeping Vids - Women Caught Masturbating On Video

I know you guys love to watch women caught masturbating on video so today I've got a selection of peeping vids that will be right up your street. These are all genuine peeping tom videos of women in their own homes. The sneaky videos were all shot through windows that were left open or only partially closed. Some are pretty clear (see picture below) and some are a bit fuzzy but that's to be expected. I'm sure you will enjoy them all!

Women Caught Masturbating On Video

Selection of Peeping Vids to Download

You can download this collection of peeping vids on the link above. If you want to see where these videos came from (the original source) then I've put a link below. The site is probably the best source of genuine peeping tom videos you will find anywhere. Some of the tricks they get up to are so sneaky I can't even post them here! Just check them out and see for yourself...

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